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Melanie West, Educational Psychologist and author of The Right Side of Learning, specializes in designing techniques that stimulate both sides of the brain, keeping children in emotional and neurological balance while learning. Her unique understanding of the brain's authentic potential for learning has allowed children across America to reclaim their education and set forth on a powerful new journey of understanding and success.

Determined to end the dominance of today's traditional left-brain, teach-to-the-test teaching style, Melanie firmly believes that in a world of left-brain curricula, some of the most intelligent and creative thinkers are underachieving and misunderstood. Her mission is to show parents and teachers alike that there is no such thing as an average student. When the right side of the brain is activated before engaging the left hemisphere, the bell curve literally disappears. Her motto: "All students have the ability, and right, to be placed at the front of the class."

Melanie has helped thousands of children who were struggling with math, reading, spelling, and written language skills. Her exceptional understanding of how right-brained dominance influences dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, and other learning disabilities provides a unique and innovative way to discover every child's full learning potential.

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