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Is the way that our children are being taught actually causing learning problems?

Is America misdiagnosing ADD and learning disabilities?

Is over-stimulation of the left hemisphere of the brain causing a rise in stress disorders in school-age children?

Is the typical school day causing an imbalance in children's brains?

Melanie West, America's leading authority on right brain learning has the shocking answers that every parent must hear. Melanie West discusses the truth about what's really happening in your child's brain; how you can get them back on the right track, and set the course not just for success in school, but success in life.

"It was a pleasure to have Melanie West as our guest on Lifestyle Magazine. She brings an enlightening understanding of right brain learning that will provide a lifeline for thousands of families dealing with learning obstacles. Melanie has a talent for bringing complex concepts to her audience in a clear and compelling way."

— Mike & Gayle Tucker, Hosts,
Lifestyle Magazine